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  Dezhou Chaishang Co.,LTD owns the most advanced polyurethane elastomer production equipments and has engaged in polyurethane production for many years, senior professional and technical personnel, choose the best quality raw materials at home and abroad, with mature technology, advanced formula, according to user requirements production and processing all kinds of polyurethane elastomer products.Our company's products are mainly used for color, black, building materials, mining machinery equipments, Polyurethane elastomer Can be divided into type thermoplastic, casting type and mixed type and other types.Company production of various types of mining polyurethane sieve plate,screen mesh, has become all kinds of manganese steel in coal preparation, mineral processing machine, rubber and stainless steel screen mesh sieve plate, substitute products, widely used in the mining around the world. production of high frequency screen mesh , Polyurethane Modular Sieve Panels , Polyurethane Cross Tensioned Sieve mesh , Polyurethane Talings Dewatering Screen Plate , PU Wear-Resistant Sheet , PU Wire Mesh , PU Conveyor Belt Scraper , PU Wear-Resistant Pipe Lining , Hydrocyclone , Flotation Impeller and cover plate , and other products, with fine workmanship, good performance, long service life and other characteristics,with the high praise, welcome to visit our company guiding work.



Company: Dezhou Chaishang Shangmao Co.,Ltd.

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