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Quality standard of polyurethane screen

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  As a professional polyurethane screen manufacturer, we have a quality control for all the products we produce. If it is unqualified, we will naturally not promote it. The same is true for polyurethane screens. We will come together with Jiding Environmental Technology Company. Understand that the polyurethane screen must have the following characteristics:
  1. Unique structure, suitable elasticity and elasticity, can not only make the jammed materials be squeezed through the screen holes or escape the screen holes, and become under-screen or on-screen products, but also make fine-grained materials due to the second part of the screen. Sub-high frequency vibration can not adhere. Significantly reduces the plugging hole, cleans the product surface. Improves the screening efficiency.
  2. The service life of the polyurethane screen with high wear resistance is 3-10 times longer than that of the wire woven screen, which improves the operation rate and increases the economic benefits.
  3, horizontal tension, light weight, good flexibility, convenient installation and disassembly, easy transportation and storage.
  4, the polyurethane screen effectively absorbs impact, reduces noise, and improves the working environment.
Quality standard of polyurethane screen.
  As a polyurethane screen manufacturer, if the screen plate does not have the above 4 characteristics, we will not promote it. Please rest assured.
  Polyurethane sieve plate is a kind of net-like products consumed with polyurethane as raw material. The holes of the sieve plate are: slit, rectangle, circle, and square. Main application industries: coal washing plants, coking plants, mines, power plants, dredging companies, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical enterprises, etc. The screen plate is an important part of the vibrating screen equipment. Its main performance and characteristics:
  1. Good vibration absorbing performance, strong silencing ability, can reduce noise, and make the screen material not easily broken during vibration.
  2. Good abrasion resistance and long service life. Its abrasion resistance is 3 to 5 times that of steel screens and more than 5 times that of ordinary rubber screens.
  3. Good moisture resistance, can work under the condition of water as the medium, and under the condition of water, oil and other media, the friction coefficient between polyurethane and the material is reduced, which is more conducive to screen penetration, improves screening efficiency, and prevents wet particles At the same time, due to the reduced friction coefficient, the wear is reduced and the service life is improved.
  4. The maintenance workload is small, the polyurethane screen is not easy to be damaged, and the service life is long, so it can greatly reduce the maintenance volume and the loss of maintenance.
  5. Due to the reasonable design of the sieve holes and the common sieve plate manufacturing process, the particles of the limit size will not block the sieve holes.
  6. Due to the secondary vibration characteristics of polyurethane, the polyurethane screen has a self-cleaning effect, so the screening efficiency is high.
  7. Corrosion resistant, non-flammable, non-toxic and tasteless.
  8. Energy saving and consumption reduction, polyurethane has a small specific gravity and is much lighter than steel screens of the same size, thereby reducing the load of the screen machine, saving power consumption and extending the life of the screen machine.
  9. The total cost is low. Although the polyurethane screen of the same specification (area) has a higher one-time investment (about 2 times) than the stainless steel screen, the life of the polyurethane screen is 3 to 5 times that of the stainless steel screen, and maintenance and replacement The frequency is small, so the total cost is not high, and it is very economical.
  We should choose the screen according to actual work needs, which can deal with operational problems and improve operational effects. For other questions about polyurethane screens, please refer to other content on this site or call for detailed inquiries.



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