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Cyclone acceptance standard

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  Everyone knows that the inner surface of the cyclone is smooth and non-corrosive. After testing, the inner surface of the cyclone is smoother than metal pipes. Therefore, it plays an important role in industrial production. Therefore, when we accept the cyclone, we must carry out the acceptance according to the regulations to ensure that quality problems are avoided during use. What are the acceptance standards and specifications for cyclones? Let us understand together with cyclone manufacturers:
Cyclone acceptance standard.
  How to carry out the quality acceptance of the cyclone:
  1. Implementation of the construction acceptance code for anti-corrosion engineering of buildings.
  2, the cyclone is not allowed to have cross-through seams twice in a row.
  3. There is no cavitation when hitting with a small hammer, and the ash sticking rate reaches 95%.
  4. There is no obvious unevenness on the site, and the height difference between adjacent boards does not exceed 3 mm.
  The wear-resistant layer of the cyclone resists the wear of the abrasive medium, and the base plate bears the load of the medium. This advantage not only strengthens its impact resistance, but also is not easy to damage, which greatly improves the life of the cyclone, resulting in maintenance costs and downtime The loss is greatly reduced.
  The quality manufacturers of cyclones must strictly control, inspect, and accept. Users must also carefully purchase, select, and shop around to ensure that there is no problem with the quality.
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