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  Polyurethane scrapers have high wear resistance,aging resistance,solvent resistance,and long service life.Depending on the use environment,the product has a wide choice of hardness:ShoreA40-ShoreA95,products with different hardness and different materials are selected for different working conditions.Polyurethane scraper,also called PU scraper,is used on coal and chemical conveyor belts to remove adhering ash and powder materials,such as coal transportation,fertilizer transportation,sand transportation,etc.
  Super wear-resistant polyurethane composite material,which is twice the service life of ordinary polyurethane,has excellent abrasion resistance,and the service life is 5 times that of general rubber and plastic products.Can be customized according to customer drawings.The PU scrapers produced by our company are all made by casting.Various types of products have easy installation,maintenance,debugging,no damage to the belt,no holding,no sticky material,good cleaning effect,good toughness,good straightness,and high Features such as wear resistance.
Polyurethane cleaner manufacturer.
  is widely used in electric power,mining,coal,transportation machinery,cleaning and other industries.
  The scraper is made of polyurethane composite material,which is formed by integral vulcanization of the mold.The scraper has a flat surface,good straightness,low friction,high wear resistance,high strength,and a stable scraping effect.It can effectively remove fine particles and wet sticky materials on the remaining belt.The pre-pressure regulator ensures stable contact pressure between the scraper and the belt.The scraper surface is composed of multiple narrow-width polyurethane scrapers with hollow buffer holes,which have good followability to various belts.
  The three-layer scraper group has a detachable fixed seat,which can be replaced on the side of the hopper,and it is very easy to install or maintain.
  The knife holder is easy and fast to replace:the contact pressure is promoted and stabilized by the side of the blanking hopper,and can be fine-tuned if necessary.
  Long service life:The low and stable contact pressure between the scraper and the belt can not only maintain the excellent scraping effect,but also effectively increase the service life.The scraper should generally be used for 1-3 years without damaging the belt.
  Polyurethane cleaner material is polymer polyurethane,low friction coefficient,high wear resistance,high strength,stable scraping effect,anti-corrosion,anti-fracture and will not damage the belt.Suitable for conveyor belts in various industries such as electric power,metallurgy and mining.The service life is 3~4 times of the alloy rubber cleaner.
  Chaishang Trading Co., a company integrating production,research and development.Professional technical researchers guarantee continuous technical updates.Polyurethane cleaners are produced all year round,with high quality and low price,which is your good choice.



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