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Design method of hydrocyclone

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  As an important beneficiation equipment,hydrocyclone has a position that cannot be ignored in gold mine beneficiation production.Understanding the main design parameters and working mechanism of the hydrocyclone of gold beneficiation equipment can help gold beneficiation companies to better produce,so this article cyclone manufacturers will discuss this topic for customers.Hydrocyclones have been widely used in surface oil/water separation,with small dimensions,compact structure,low equipment costs and low operating costs.Discussion of the operation of hydrocyclones will help to understand the design issues related to the downhole oil-water separation system.
  Generally,most hydrocyclones are used to"de-oil"produced fluids,and the removal of hydrocarbons(hydrocarbons)(<<1%)is more important than the treatment of discharged or re-injected produced water down the well.On the ground,hydrocyclone separators can replace free water separators.For separation of a certain proportion of oil streams into concentrated oil streams and sewage streams suitable for treatment,this application is similar to the application of downhole separation.
  Hydrocyclone process design People have well summarized the factors restricting the separation performance of hydrocyclones.Generally speaking,large density difference,large dispersed particle size and low continuous phase viscosity all contribute to separation.For ground produced water treatment,the use of free water removers,the process design of using hydrocyclones has been quite common,and a set of related specifications has been established.However,the experience of hydrocyclone downhole separation application needs to re-evaluate these specifications.
  The hydrocyclone is a device used to separate and remove the heavier coarse particles of mud and sand in sewage.Sometimes it is also used for mud dewatering.When the hydrocyclone is used as a grading device,it is mainly used to form a grinding and grading system with a mill;when used as a desliming device,it can be used for desliming in a gravity separation plant;when it is used as a thickening and dewatering device,it can be used to remove beneficiation tailings After being concentrated,it is sent to fill underground mining tunnels.
  Hydrocyclone accessories mainly include working cylinder,feed pipe,overflow pipe,overflow pipe and grit port,etc.In addition,Chuangke Machinery can also customize various steel castings and iron castings according to customer drawings.The hydrocyclone uses a sand pump(or height difference)at a certain pressure(usually 0.5 to 2.5 kg/cm)and a flow rate(about 5 to 12 m/s)to spin the pulp into the cylinder along the tangent direction,and then the pulp is very The fast speed rotates along the cylinder wall to generate centrifugal force.Under the action of centrifugal force and gravity,the coarser and heavier ore particles are thrown out.
  Hydrocyclone is a commonly used mineral separation and classification equipment.Many users will encounter a problem when using hydrocyclones.Sometimes the separation effect of the equipment is fluctuating.It is necessary to know that the main factors that determine the effect of hydrocyclone separation are mainly its design structure and production process.Next,we will understand how several design methods of hydrocyclones have an effect on its separation effect.
  First,the design of the cone angle of the hydrocyclone affects the sorting effect.That is to say,if the sorting efficiency is too large or too small with the cone angle of the hydrocyclone,it is not conducive to the sorting effect of the equipment.
  2.The depth of the overflow tube of the hydrocyclone is also the main factor that affects the sorting effect of the equipment.The depth of the flow tube when it is working has a certain standard,so we need professional personnel to operate it.
  3.The influence of the cone ratio design of the hydrocyclone on the sorting effect
  The cone ratio of a hydrocyclone refers to the ratio of the diameter of the underflow port of the cyclone to the diameter of the overflow port.
  Fourth,the influence of other structures of hydrocyclone on the sorting effect
  In addition to the several places introduced above,the effective area of​​the feed port of the cyclone will also affect the treatment effect.In addition,the length of the column has the opposite effect to the area of​​the feed port.
  The design methods of these hydrocyclones introduced by are the main factors that affect the sorting effect of the equipment.It is still very important for the manufacturer to choose a hydrocyclone with high quality and sorting efficiency.It is also mentioned above that the main factors affecting the separation effect of the hydrocyclone are the production technology and design method of the equipment,so the manufacturer is the focus.
Design method of hydrocyclone.
  The hydrocyclone group is a combination of cyclone equipment that requires strict installation steps before it can be used normally in the later stage.It is necessary to know that the cyclone group has a relatively strong separation ability and high underflow solid content,so the installation needs to cause everyone's attention.Pay attention.
  1.The erection position of the cyclone group:
  When installing the cyclone group,pay attention to its starting point.The starting point of the dam should be the far point of the tailings dam,and the sand mouth of the cyclone must also be towards the far point of the dam.After working for a period of time,the underflow dam can be moved along the dam to continue stacking.
  2.The problem of underflow stacking height:
  When designing and installing the cyclone unit,the height of the water flow must be considered clearly.Generally speaking,it is enough not to block the underflow.
  3.Mobility after installation:
  The cyclone group needs to move from the starting point of the dam to the end of the dam during the dam construction process,so the requirements for the movement performance of the cyclone group are relatively high.One thing to note is to keep the same horizontal separation distance when moving.
  4.The supporting feed pipe of the cyclone group:
  The length of the feed pipe of the cyclone unit should reach a sufficient standard.When installing,judge according to the actual situation of the site and the equipment.In addition,the requirement of the feed pipe of the cyclone unit is that the corrosion resistance can be stronger.
  The correct installation of the hydrocyclone unit determines the normal use of the later equipment,so if you have any questions about the installation introduction above,you can consult our manufacturer.Do not operate blindly without understanding,to avoid abnormal installation in the later period.The situation where the device does not work properly occurs.
  There are many relevant parameters of the hydrocyclone of gold beneficiation equipment.Generally speaking,they mainly include the structure,the process operation and the nature of the feed.The specific list is the diameter and height of the cylindrical cylinder,and the feed The diameter of the port,the diameter of the sedimentation port,the insertion depth of the overflow pipe,the cone angle of the conical cylinder,the pressure of the mine and the nature of the slurry,etc.
  When the hydrocyclone of the gold ore dressing equipment is working,the slurry enters the cylindrical cylinder in the tangential direction from the feed pipe at a pressure of 0.05-0.25 MPa and a high speed of 5-12 m/s,and then rotates around the axis at high speed.Large centrifugal force.Particles with different sizes and densities in the slurry are subject to different centrifugal forces,so their speed,acceleration and direction in the cyclone are also different.
  Under normal circumstances,thick and heavy particles are subjected to large centrifugal force,are thrown to the wall of the cylinder,spiral down to the bottom according to the spiral trajectory,and are discharged from the sedimentation port as sediment.The fine and light particles are subjected to small centrifugal force,forming an inner spiral ore flow in the cone-shaped cylinder and moving upwards,and discharged from the overflow pipe as overflow.



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