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Encapsulation Technology of Dense Medium Cyclone

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  The reason why the heavy medium cyclone of many mineral processing equipment stands out among the many equipment is mainly because of its advantages in design.Because our manufacturer does not design moving parts when designing the heavy medium cyclone,this is the sorting of coal.The process relies on the structure of the device itself to work.
  Dense medium cyclone needs to use encapsulation technology in the process of coal preparation.Why use encapsulation technology and what are its benefits?Next,let’s take a look with the cyclone manufacturer:
  1.The requirements of the heavy-medium cyclone for the steel plate installed with encapsulation:the surface needs to be sandblasted and the surface without encapsulation also has the phenomenon of sandblasting and textile rust.
  2.The panel in the heavy-medium cyclone encapsulation is relatively smooth and smooth,and the benefits of the encapsulation can also improve the ability to wear and impact,and it is also relatively strong.
  3.In the heavy medium cyclone encapsulation,there are also requirements for the rubber sheet.You can choose according to your own time.
  When the manufacturer encapsulates and cold glues the heavy medium cyclone,they use imported special encapsulated products.The advantages of this product are wear-resistant,antistatic,flame retardant,etc.,which are more in line with our heavy medium cyclones.use.
Encapsulation Technology of Dense Medium Cyclone.
  In the separation process of the heavy medium cyclone,the material and suspension are fed into the cyclone along the tangential direction at a constant pressure of 100%to form a powerful vortex flow;the liquid flow starts from the inlet and forms a flow along the inner wall of the cyclone.A descending outer spiral flow;an ascending inner spiral flow is formed near the axis of the cyclone;air is sucked in due to the negative pressure of the inner spiral flow,forming an air column at the axis of the cyclone;the clean coal in the feed follows The inner spiral flows upwards and is discharged from the overflow outlet,and the gangue flows downwards with the outer spiral flow and is discharged from the bottom flow outlet.The formation mechanism of the air column is:because the underflow tube and the overflow tube are directly connected to the atmosphere,the two-phase flow entering the cyclone moves in a strong spiral vortex.When the tangential velocity increases to a critical speed,each The outlet generates a certain resistance,forming an internal rotating flow field,causing axial negative pressure.Air enters the cyclone from the overflow tube and the underflow tube,and gradually develops under the combined action of the axial negative pressure drive and fluid convection transmission It becomes a through air column.When the density of the particles is greater than the density of the suspension,the resultant force on the particles in the suspension at the radius r is positive,and the particles are thrown outward in a spiral flow;otherwise,the particles are thrown in a spiral flow;thus making the density greater than the medium The particles are separated from the particles with a density less than the medium.In the cyclone,the centrifugal force is several to several tens of times larger than gravity,which greatly accelerates the sorting speed and improves the sorting effect.
  Dense medium cyclone is a kind of equipment that uses centrifugal force field to strengthen the separation of fine-grained mineral particles in heavy medium.
  According to its body structure and shape,it can be divided into:Conical and cylindrical two-product dense medium cyclones;Double cylinders in series
  -Shaped,cylindrical and conical three-product dense medium cyclones in series.
  According to the feeding method,it can be divided into two types:pressure feeding type and pressureless feeding type.
  The D.S.M dense medium cyclone and its imitations from the Netherlands,McNally,the British
  The Worsier of the country,the inverted cyclone of Japan,etc.
  There are American D.W.P cyclones and so on that belong to the pressureless feeding type.
  Everyone knows about the encapsulation technology of the dense medium cyclone.If you have any questions about this encapsulation technology,you can read more articles on this aspect to understand.If you want to know more about cyclone coal preparation,you can continue to follow us.



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