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Causes of hydrocyclone wear

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  Hydrocyclone is a kind of separation equipment. As long as you have read our website, you should know it. What equipment is used for a long time will definitely cause some problems. The more common problems of our hydrocyclones are that they are easy to appear. The condition of wear. To solve this problem, we need to find the cause of the wear first to be able to solve it correctly and quickly. Next, we will look at the causes and solutions of the wear of the hydrocyclone together with the cyclone manufacturer.
  Hydrocyclone is a kind of equipment that uses centrifugal force for classification and separation. Because of its fine classification particle size, small footprint, simple structure, etc., it is often used in the beneficiation industry for the classification of coarse and fine minerals, as well as the dehydration and Concentration operation.
Causes of hydrocyclone wear.
  1. The impact of mineral particles on the wall of the hydrocyclone and friction and sliding cause wall wear
  During the operation of the hydrocyclone, due to the particle size difference between the coarse particles and the fine particles in the slurry, the mineral particles enter the hydrocyclone shell through the feed pipe under the action of pressure. Bottom, coarse-grained ore particles move downward with the slurry, and finally discharged from the grit, while fine-grained ore particles flow upward with the slurry and are discharged from the overflow pipe. During operation, the mineral particles deviate from the flow direction of the flow field under the action of centrifugal force, and make a strong rotational movement. Under the violent scouring of the processed slurry, the wall of the hydrocyclone is impacted and rubbed by the mineral particles, causing serious Wear problems.
  Method: The wear and abrasion resistance of hydrocyclones have always been a concern. In order to solve the problem of serious hydrocyclone wear, the use of wear-resistant materials is one of the main ways to solve the problem of cyclones wear. At present, the commonly used wear-resistant materials mainly include: rubber, alloy cast iron, cast stone, etc. In view of the serious abrasion of the wall surface of the hydrocyclone, the commonly used method is to line the interior of the cyclone with rubber, cast iron, or coated with wear-resistant materials, or the entire cyclone is made of wear-resistant rubber, thereby increasing the hydrocyclone. The wear resistance of the flow vessel wall. When selecting and purchasing a hydrocyclone, attention should be paid to the wear resistance of the equipment. For example, Jiding Environmental Technology provides rubber liners and bushings, which have good wear resistance and can greatly increase the wear resistance of hydrocyclones.
  2. Wear near the feed inlet and grit nozzle of the hydrocyclone
  The structure of the hydrocyclone is relatively simple, mainly composed of a conical shell, a cylindrical shell, a ore feeding nozzle, a grit discharge outlet, an overflow pipe, and an overflow discharge nozzle. Its structure is shown in Figure 20 below. The wear problem of the hydrocyclone is the most serious wear of the grit port and the ore port. The wear of the grit port increases the area of the discharge port, increases the grit output and reduces the concentration, which seriously affects the separation efficiency of the hydrocyclone.
  Method: Aiming at the wear problem of the grit port and the mine feed port, the method of making the grit port, the mine feed port and other easily worn parts into replaceable parts can be used. A wear-resistant protective layer can also be prepared integrally on the inner wall of the grit port. In addition, the grit port of the hydrocyclone can be made into a variable structure. The optimization of the feeding method of the hydrocyclone is also beneficial to alleviate the wear problem of the hydrocyclone. For example, in the hydrocyclone of Jiding Environmental Technology, the feeding port adopts the involute direction to feed the material, which is beneficial to increase the centrifugal force of the material, not only improves the classification effect of the hydrocyclone, but also greatly reduces the feeding box. Of wear.
  3. The unreasonable structure of the hydrocyclone causes severe wear in some parts
  Although the structure of the hydrocyclone is relatively simple, its installation and operation are relatively easy, but if the manufacture or installation of the hydrocyclone is of poor quality or the structure is unreasonable, it will easily cause serious local wear.
Causes of hydrocyclone wear.
  Method: The installation method of the cyclone is mostly vertical, but in fact it can also be placed horizontally, inclined or upside down. When choosing the method of installing the hydrocyclone, you need to install it correctly according to the installation instructions of the purchased equipment and under the guidance of the manufacturer of the mineral processing equipment. In order to avoid serious wear and tear of hydrocyclones due to improper installation, when selecting and purchasing hydrocyclones, it is necessary to choose a beneficiation equipment manufacturer with strong equipment manufacturing capabilities, installation and service capabilities.
  After analysis, it is found that the reason for the wear of the hydrocyclone is sometimes caused when the equipment is processing some coarse particles of sand. We know that the material of the cyclone is made of metal pipes and its working process is dependent on water pressure. work. If such a situation occurs for a long time, it will cause wear and tear on the lining of the cyclone, the curved screen sifter, and the centrifuge basket.
  In order to avoid this phenomenon of hydrocyclone, we can use anti-wear parts inside the equipment. In addition to this method, the hydrocyclone manufacturer should take this into consideration when designing, and do the following more wear treatments in the design to minimize the degree of wear.
  The problem of hydrocyclone wear introduced by Chaishang Trading Co., Ltd. above, everyone should know the cause of equipment wear and tear. If you encounter any problems when using hydrocyclones later, you can consult our manufacturer.



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