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How to maintain the impeller cover

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  As an important equipment in the flotation process, the flotation machine must be paid special attention when buying a flotation machine. The final damage to your own interests is to buy a flotation machine of poor quality, in order to bring a large interest rate to friends in the mining plant , A good flotation machine must have the least energy consumption, the strongest equipment, and the strongest wearing parts. As for the wearing parts, it must be the impeller and the machine cover.
  Impeller cover product features
  Unique structure design
  The unique skeleton structure and advanced liquid phase nanometer wear-resistant rubber production technology constitute the flotation machine stator and rotor combined structure design obtained
  Abrasion resistance
  The frame design has good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical shock resistance, high strength, good rigidity, easy to transport, install and maintain
  Impact resistance
  The frame design has good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical shock resistance, high strength, good rigidity, easy to transport, install and maintain;
  tear resistance
  The 180 degree peel strength between the lining rubber and the skeleton is ≥4MPa; the bonding strength between the rubber and the skeleton is high, and no degumming will occur in any normal use.
  Chemical stability
  The company screens the formula according to the reagents and PH values ??provided by different concentrators, which can withstand various acid, alkali, and salt media corrosion, ensuring the chemical stability of wear-resistant rubber
  dynamic balance stability
  Each equipment is carefully tested for dynamic balance, and its operation is more stable
  CAD design tailored
  The company now has modern design methods and a 4500-ton extra-large plate vulcanizing press,which can be customized for special needs.
  Wear-resistant material that can greatly improve the life of the impeller cover
  The impeller cover of the mining machinery flotation machine wears quickly due to agitation and has a very low life. In the past, high chromium cast iron was used, and its life span was only more than one month. Now, ceramics are used to treat the inner containment surface to make the life available. Significant improvement, reaching more than one and a half years, what are the characteristics of the impeller cover plate after this wear-resistant material:
  1: Large suction volume and low power consumption.
  2: Compact structure, low resistance and reliable operation. The flotation speed is fast, the selectivity to the fine particle level is high, and the coarse particle level flotation effect is good.
  3. Low energy consumption and chemical consumption, and can process the impeller cover of different types of flotation machines.
  4. Reasonable structure parameters, high reliability of operation, convenient operation and maintenance.
  Chai Shang Trading Company adopts wear-resistant materials to improve the impeller cover plate has excellent wear resistance, long life, easy to install and replace, is an updated product of flotation machine accessories. It is a new wear-resistant material with excellent comprehensive performance. It is your ideal choice to reduce the replacement times of cast iron and rubber impeller cover.
  The impeller cover manufacturer introduces you to the wear problem of the flotation machine impeller and the cover plate. First introduce the impeller, it must be in a high-speed rotation state during production, so that its center point will become a negative pressure strength, causing air to be sucked in from the suction pipe, driving the slurry to be sucked in simultaneously from the side holes and the cover hole , Forming three streams of solid, liquid and gaseous fluids that blend with each other. At the same time, under the action of centrifugal force, these three fluids move outward at the same time. When they pass through the cover grid, their flow velocity will suddenly change due to resistance. In this way, the fluid will be divided into several strands, and the gas phase will become fine bubbles. This production cycle makes the solid, liquid and gas mixed into a uniform state, and becomes a mixture of ore slurry in the state of dispersion of bubbles. Due to the difference in slurry pressure distribution, movement direction, and flow rate, the wear of each part of the flotation machine impeller and cover plate varies greatly. The wear of the impeller mainly occurs on the front flow surface of the outer edge of the blade, the outer edge of the disc, and the bottom of the disc. The flow rate of the slurry is high, and the relative speed with the slurry is high. The direction of the streamline changes from the direction that the impeller follows to the direction parallel to the cover grid. This change of direction causes the slurry to produce large abrasion. The first is the right angle of the upper edge. Be worn away, and then develop downward. The abrasion is caused by the relative movement of the pulp and the disk, and may also be caused by friction with the false bottom with too small clearance. Of course, the farther from the center, the higher the relative speed of the disc and the slurry, and the greater the wear caused by this. The wear of the cover plate mainly occurs on the inner edge of the grille. The flow direction of the slurry in this area is forced to change, and the inner edge is strongly impacted, resulting in crescent-shaped wear.



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