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Shortcomings of the cyclone group

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  Whether it is a cyclone group or any other equipment,users will pay great attention to the normal operation of the equipment when using the equipment.After all,the operating status of the equipment is directly related to work efficiency.The cyclone group is actually a device that combines two cyclone equipment.Since it is a combination,everyone should know that the working efficiency in use will be higher than that of ordinary cyclone equipment,but our cyclone equipment When the team is designing,there are areas that need to be improved.Next,we will look at it with the cyclone manufacturer.
  1.Because it is a combination of cyclones,the separation efficiency of cyclone group equipment may not reach the effect that users want,which is generally about 95%.
  2.If you want to work with the heavy medium of slime,you can only sort half of the slime and the other half,or the density of the other slime medium that needs flotation,which cannot be adjusted.This may even affect the slime.Therefore,the manufacturer still needs to further improve the production process of the cyclone unit.
  3.If the inlet pressure is relatively large,it will not only increase the energy consumption of the cyclone,but also accelerate the wear and tear of the equipment.Therefore,continue to improve the energy consumption and wear of the cyclone unit.
  4.One more thing that needs to be improved is that our cyclone group equipment occupies a relatively large plant area,which will increase the cost invisibly.
Shortcomings of the cyclone group.
  The cyclone group is mainly used for classification,separation,concentration and desliming in the mineral processing industry.When the hydrocyclone is used as a grading device,it is mainly used to form a grinding and grading system with a mill;when used as a desliming device,it can be used for desliming in a gravity separation plant;when it is used as a thickening and dewatering device,it can be used to remove beneficiation tailings After being concentrated,it is sent to fill underground mining tunnels.The hydrocyclone uses a sand pump(or height difference)at a certain pressure(usually 0.5 to 2.5 kg/cm)and a flow rate(about 5 to 12 m/s)to spin the pulp into the cylinder along the tangent direction,and then the pulp is very The fast speed rotates along the cylinder wall to generate centrifugal force.Under the action of centrifugal force and gravity,the coarser and heavier ore particles are thrown out.
  1.The diameter and diameter ratio of each device in the cyclone group:one of the key factors affecting the efficiency of the cyclone is the diameter of the cyclone.If it is a cyclone separator with a relatively large diameter,its separation particle size will be larger.The diameter ratio is also an important design parameter.Generally,the smaller the diameter ratio,the smaller the classification particle size.
  2.The shape and size of the feed port:Generally,the shape of the feed port is round and rectangular.Such a feed port can change the flow operation into a circular motion and directly affect the use of the cyclone group.
  3.The operation of the cyclone group is also affected by the internal roughness of the cyclone equipment.Generally,the internal roughness and the accuracy of various components have little effect on the separation efficiency.However,it has been found that if the lining has wear-resistant rubber and increases frictional resistance,it can also increase it.Separation efficiency.
  Through the above three influencing factors,it can be seen that the product structure,material and performance of the cyclone unit will be the main factors affecting its operating conditions.So when you buy this equipment,you must choose equipment that is reasonably designed and more in line with your own working conditions.Coupled with correct control and use,you can greatly reduce and avoid the influence of these factors.
  The above is Chaishang Trading Co.,Ltd.'s summary of some problems that need to be improved in the cyclone unit.If you want to learn more about the cyclone unit,you can continue to pay attention to our website update.



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