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Cyclone group

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  product description

  Cyclone group is a combination of two or more cyclones connected in series or in parallel. When a single cyclone cannot meet the processing capacity or classification fineness required by the process, a cyclone group can be considered. It is mostly used for classification, dewatering, desilting, concentration, tailings dam construction and wet power plant In the process of desulfurization, it has a wide range of uses.
  In addition to several single cyclones, the cyclone group generally shares a settling box and an overflow box. The material can be used with different linings according to different media. The lining materials are divided into high-wear rubber Grind composite materials and high alumina ceramics.
  Maintenance and maintenance of cyclone group:
  1. During the maintenance process, check the product outlets frequently. If blockages and abnormalities are found, they should be handled in time.
  2. It is necessary to frequently check the wear of the inlet and the product outlet. When the inner diameter is severely worn, it must be replaced in time.
  3. Metal foreign objects are strictly prohibited from entering the cyclone to protect the wear-resistant lining of the cyclone from damage.
Cyclone group

  Transportation and storage:

  During transportation, there should be no collision or falling, and it should be lifted and placed lightly, so as not to cause the lining wear-resistant material to fall off or the barrel to deform, affecting the normal use of the cyclone and reducing the service life of the cyclone.
  In the production process, the parameters of the cyclone group and the slurry concentration are not adjustable in this process. The main condition that affects the classification effect of the cyclone is the slurry pressure at the inlet of the cyclone. Different types of cyclone groups have their own standard pressure and the processing capacity at their standard pressure (this data is provided by the cyclone manufacturer).
Cyclone group 1
  Due to the short pipeline between the pressure box and the inlet of the cyclone group, the loss along the journey can be ignored, that is, the pressure at the inlet of the cyclone is equal to the pressure in the pressure box.
Cyclone group 2



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