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Dewatering screen

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  Product description
  The dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering, desliming, and dissolving. It can be used for sand washing in sand and gravel plants, coal slime recovery in coal preparation plants, dry discharge of tailings in mineral processing plants, etc. Therefore, it is also called sand dewatering screen, mine dewatering screen, Slime dewatering screen, tailings dewatering screen, etc.
  Tailings dewatering screen is also called tailings dry sieve. In addition to the excellent performance and functions of ordinary dewatering screens, tailings dewatering screens are mostly used with thickeners to dry tailings. Mine dry drainage equipment.

Dewatering screen

  1. Low noise and easy maintenance.
  2. Reasonable structure, strong and durable.
  3. Good dehydration effect, safe and reliable.
  4. Large screening capacity and high screening efficiency.
  5. Light weight, easy disassembly, easy maintenance, no sudden segment spring.

Dewatering screen

  Precautions for using dewatering screen
  After the test run, check that the above content is correct, re-tighten all fasteners, the screen and all parts are intact, and you can use it officially. Before that, you must do the following:
  1) Operator training You should understand the structure and simple working principle of each part of the equipment. Before work, you should prepare for startup, check that the rotating parts are flexible and free of obstruction, the screen is intact, all parts are not loose, and bolts are tightened.
  2) Start and stop without load Vibrating screens are generally used in crushing and screening equipment or washing processes, and require the screen to start and stop at no load. Therefore, the principle of initiating the reverse process flow and stopping the process flow must be observed. Except for special reasons, parking with material is not allowed. When there is material on the screen, it must be removed before it can be started. Only after normal operation can the feeding be started.


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