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  Product description
  The rod screen combines the advantages of high screening efficiency of barbed wire and long service life of polyurethane screen. The wear-resistant polyurethane material wrapped around the barbed wire can make the rod screen have a service life about 8 times longer than ordinary wire mesh, which means less maintenance and downtime.
  Rod screen is most suitable for sieve holes between 5mm and 25mm, especially suitable for lower sieve.

Rod screen

  1. Easy to install: Metal hook design makes it easy to install or replace.
  2. Durable and maximize the opening rate: Compared with the metal wire mesh, it has almost the same opening rate, but its service life is 8 times that of the metal wire mesh.
  3. Low noise: Compared with barbed wire, rod screen can reduce noise level by 9 decibels. This reduces the noise perceived by the human ear by 50%.
  4. Energy saving and consumption reduction: Compared with the traditional wire mesh of the same size, the weight of the rod screen is significantly reduced. It will reduce the load of the vibrating machine, save electricity and prolong the life of the whole screen.

Rod screen 1

  Application: Particularly suitable for sieving wet and dry materials.
  Size: can be made according to your special requirements, the maximum length is 3600mm
  Optional hole type: square hole, strip hole, can produce hole diameter from 4mm to 50mm, the optimal hole diameter range is 4mm to 25mm, especially suitable for the lower screen surface of the screen.
  Installation method: hook connection.


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