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  High-frequency screen is also called high-frequency vibrating fine screen, which is a kind of classification equipment of ore dressing plant. The width of the screen surface quilting is different, and the materials are classified according to the size. In the grinding circuit, the high-frequency screen, polyurethane high-frequency screen, and Derek screen control and classify the grinding products. The coarse-grained continuum is screened out, and the sieve is returned to the mill for grinding. The fine particles, that is, the under-sieve can be discharged in time to avoid excessive crushing. The high frequency screen is composed of vibration exciter, pulp distributor, screen frame, frame, suspension spring and screen. High frequency sieve has high efficiency, small amplitude and high screening frequency.

High frequency screen

  Polyurethane high frequency screen has the advantages of high screening efficiency, large processing capacity, compact and reasonable structure, small footprint and low power consumption. The screen frame is supported by rubber spring suspension, with low noise, low power consumption, and small dynamic load on the equipment, so there are no special requirements for the installation foundation. Mandatory distribution of ore slurry to the ore can make the ore slurry spread evenly on the sieve surface, reduce the flow speed of the sieve surface, and extend the life of the screen. Double vibrator configuration, linear vibration combined with patented repulping technology, long screening material flow area, fast transmission speed, greater screening capacity and screening effect. The surface of the equipment is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant, which can effectively extend the life of the equipment.

High frequency screen 1

  Polyurethane high frequency fine screen characteristics:
  1. Opening rate is more than 32, high screening efficiency and large processing capacity;
  2. The screen is formed in one time using the integral molding technology and fiber reinforced, which does not cause overall cracking, which improves the tensile strength and service life of the screen;
  3. The screen uses a tapered hole design, which is conducive to the passage of materials and not easy to block the holes;
  Advantages of polyurethane high frequency fine screen:
  1. Good abrasion resistance and long service life, its service life is 5-10 times that of steel sieve plate;
  2. The maintenance workload is small, which can greatly reduce the maintenance volume and the loss of production and maintenance;
  3.High cost performance, the price is 2-3 times of stainless steel screen, and the service life is 4-5 times;
  4. Good humidity resistance, can work under the condition of water medium, and in the case of water and oil medium, the low friction coefficient of the material is more convenient for sieving, improving the screening rate, while reducing the friction coefficient, and increasing the service life;
  5. Corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless;
  6. Energy-saving and noise-reduction, the proportion of polyurethane is small, and it is lighter than steel sieve of the same model, so as to reduce the load on the sieve and reduce energy consumption.

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