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Skeleton screen

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  Product description
  Skeleton polyurethane screen board is the ideal choice for sieving a variety of materials, especially suitable for sieving wet or dry materials. There are also many formulations to choose from, including a highly elastic polyurethane formulation that minimizes plugging.

Skeleton screen

  1.Excellent abrasion resistance and long service life: 8 to 10 times longer than ordinary metal wire mesh, 3 times longer than stainless steel wire mesh, and 3.9 times longer than natural rubber. It is currently the world's best wear resistance. Screen surface material.
  2.The maintenance workload is small. The polyurethane frame sieve is suitable for work under heavy load, and it will hardly be damaged under normal operation. Due to less maintenance and downtime, a lot of time and energy is saved, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the screening machine and reduce the operating costs of the station.
  3. Our Modular Screen Panel  and rubber screens can reduce noise levels by up to 9 decibels. This is a 50% reduction in noise perceived by the human ear. This means that staff can work nearby for longer without harming their hearing.
  4. A variety of fixing methods are available, including pin fixing, bolt fixing, clip type and bead connection. Whether you need the most stable installation, easy installation and removal, the best versatility or a combination of all of them, we can provide a mounting system to meet your needs.
  Application: Particularly suitable for the screening of wet and dry materials.

Skeleton screen 1

  product details
  Size: 305mm * 305mm, 305mm * 610mm, also can be customized according to your special requirements, the maximum length can produce 3600mm skeleton screen.
  Aperture options: square holes, strip holes, round holes, continuous grooves, etc., screening size 0.1mm to 170mm.

Skeleton screen 2

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