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Causes of wear of heavy medium cyclones

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  As one of the common equipment in the coal preparation and mineral processing industry, the heavy medium cyclone is normal. If the equipment is severely worn during normal use, it needs to be overhauled in time. In recent years, the use of heavy-medium cyclones has been increasing. Today, let's learn about the wear conditions of heavy-medium cyclones with cyclone manufacturers!
  How many conditions constitute the wear of the heavy medium cyclone?
  (1) Micro-cutting wear The so-called micro-cutting wear refers to the scratches on the inner and outer surfaces of the irregular particles in the working fluid of the heavy medium cyclone. Micro-cutting wear not only depends on the hardness of the raw materials and particles of the cyclone, but also depends on the particle shape, tangential velocity, radial velocity, and axial velocity. Even if the hardness of the particles is less than the hardness of the cyclone raw material, it It can also have the effect of micro-cutting wear on the inner wall of the cyclone;
  (2) Surface fatigue and abrasion Surface fatigue and abrasion refer to the large deformation and stress occurring at the contact point under the effect of the stress caused by the alternating and conflicting contact between the particles and the liquid on the inner wall of the heavy medium cyclone, so that the inner and outer surfaces of the cyclone are formed Wear and peel off abrasive particles. External fatigue wear is a kind of abrasion that gradually invades from the inside and outside of the cyclone to the deep layer. Generally, it occurs first at the defect of the inner wall of the cyclone, and then gradually expands under the effect of repeated erosion;
  (3) Corrosion wear Because the inner wall of the cyclone interacts with the medium in the liquid to produce chemical or electrochemical reactions, the inner wall of the heavy-medium cyclone is worn. This wear is called corrosion wear. Corrosion wear can be divided into three conditions: direct oxidation wear, cavitation wear caused by small bubbles in the liquid on the wall of the vessel, and medium wear caused by the chemical properties of the medium itself.
Causes of wear of heavy medium cyclones.
  What are the effects of cyclone wear
  The classification accuracy of the cyclone can be controlled, and the particle fineness of the overflow material is affected by the minimum diameter of the sedimentation port. The smaller the sedimentation port of the cyclone, the greater the rotational angular velocity obtained by the slurry in the cyclone, the smaller the fineness of the overflow particles obtained after the cyclone treatment, and the greater the effect of classification and separation. Good. If the inner wall of the cyclone is worn out, the slurry classification of the cyclone will be unclear, and serious slurry will appear thick, which will increase the production cost several times.
  The surface abrasion of the heavy-medium cyclone is caused by the peeling of the inner wall of the cyclone under the action of the stress caused by the friction of the particles and the liquid on the inner wall of the cyclone. A form of wear that invades into the deep layer. This type of wear generally occurs in the defective parts of the inner wall of the cyclone, which is easier to occur, and then the wear area will gradually expand under the action of repeated scouring.
  The increase of the feed pressure will bring two advantages. First, the increase in the flow rate of the material can make the unit processing capacity of the heavy medium cyclone. Second, the increase in the initial speed of the feed will increase the centrifugal strength and accelerate the sorting. Process to improve the sorting effect. However, excessive pressure will also cause the density distribution in the heavy-medium cyclone to be more uneven, reduce the sorting effect and increase the wear of the equipment. Therefore, the feed pressure should be kept in a suitable range in actual production.
  The surface wear of the heavy medium cyclone is such a process. The main reason is that the working medium of the equipment is coarse-grained coal, so this phenomenon is inevitable. If you encounter problems in the process of using the heavy medium cyclone If you have any problems that cannot be solved, you can consult us.



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