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Polyurethane pipeline lining repair

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  How to repair polyurethane pipeline lining?Let us learn from the pipeline lining manufacturers:
  In particular,some pipelines that have been laid for more than 20 years have experienced different degrees of corrosion due to natural aging.Frequent leakage and excavation have affected enterprise production and urban traffic;some more severely corroded pipelines have even experienced pipe burst accidents,but many places have There is no condition for excavation and replacement.In order to avoid large-scale excavation,effectively extend the life of pipelines under limited conditions,and reduce pipeline maintenance costs,trenchless pipeline repair system technology has emerged.
  The technology has the following characteristics:
  1.Little impact on traffic
  2.Fast repair speed and high efficiency
  3.No environmental damage
  4.Little impact on the normal production of the enterprise
  5.Borrow the original pipeline route,no security risks
Polyurethane pipeline lining repair.
  At present,there are many ways to repair pipeline lining.How to choose a suitable pipeline lining repair method?There are two key factors:
  One,pipe diameter
  Many pipeline lining repair methods are affected by the diameter of the pipe.For example,for larger diameter pipes,it is not recommended to use the CIPP reverse lining method for repair.This lining repair method is more suitable for small pipes within DN600.If there are many pipe diameter changes,or if you want to use the same method to repair the pipeline lining to ensure the unity of the pipeline after repair,you can choose the internal interpenetration repair method,and DN300-DN1500 pipelines can be used.
  2.Corrosion degree of pipeline
  Another key factor is the degree of corrosion of the original pipeline,that is,the pressure-bearing capacity of the original pipeline.If the original pipeline has only partial weld cracks or water leakage in small gaps,the main line can still withstand the design pressure,and the CIPP turnover liner repair method can be considered to strengthen the pipeline.However,if the original pipeline has been riddled with holes,it is recommended to choose the internal interpenetration repair method.The inner tube can bear pressure independently,which is equivalent to borrowing the original pipeline route to bury a new tube.This pipeline repair method can extend the life of the pipeline for 50 years.
  1.Pipelines with water accumulation problems and a small amount of siltation in the pipeline may not be dredged in the early stage.After the construction works are completed,the sewage in the pipeline is used to wash away.
  2.If there is serious water accumulation and blockage,if there is no place to be repaired,only dredging is required.
  3.Where there are pipe breakages,cracks,location changes,leakage,and small areas with slight damage,the pipes can be partially repaired.If there are more than three repair places,all the pipes need to be repaired by UV curing.
  4.If there is a pipeline structural problem,if it can be repaired,the overall repair method of the pipeline non-excavation repair can be carried out.
  5.Where the pipeline is not excavated to repair the inoperable pipeline,it shall be replaced by excavation.
  To do a good job in trenchless repair of pipelines,first pass the preliminary pipeline inspection and related reports.According to the construction site environment and other conditions,adopt the technical methods outlined above to adopt the repair operation method.



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