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Installation method of impeller cover of flotation machine

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  How to install the impeller cover of the flotation machine?What are the precautions for installing the impeller cover?These are the issues we are more concerned about.Today,the flotation machine impeller cover manufacturer will take everyone to understand:
  Matters needing attention during the installation of the flotation machine cover The flotation machine adopts multi-tank connection,and the upper part of each tank is equipped with a cover structure,and there is a uniform gap between adjacent cover plates.When the flotation machine cover The plate is not placed horizontally during the installation process,and the overhaul between the cover plates is too large and too small,which will cause the phenomenon of liquid surface turning during production.A steady flow plate is also installed inside the flotation machine to ensure the stability of the slurry material in the flow.When the equipment is used for a long time for timely maintenance,it will directly affect the cover plate and the steady flow plate.The flow stability of the liquid surface of the ore slurry results in the phenomenon of turning over the liquid surface,which will affect the normal production of the equipment to varying degrees.In order to eliminate the negative impact of liquid surface turning on production,before using the flotation machine to produce,ensure that the equipment components are installed accurately,the cover plates of each tank are placed horizontally,and the gap between the cover plates is uniform,and the equipment is regularly maintained and maintained.Overhaul,replace the damaged cover plate and steady flow plate to ensure that the steady flow plate is complete and firm,and the slurry flows smoothly and evenly,thereby eliminating the phenomenon of liquid surface turning and reducing the impact on the quality of the finished product.The flotation machine uses rotating impellers to The slurry in the ore tank is fully aerated and stirred to make the slurry produce bubbles of different sizes.The granular powder material in the slurry assists in the formation of a mineralized layer on the bubbles during the continuous accumulation and oxidation process.When it is accumulated to a certain extent,the bubble scraper is used Scrape out to obtain finished mineral material.When the flotation machine is used for production,due to the inaccurate installation and debugging of the flotation machine,the slurry surface will be turned over.The slurry surface will fluctuate greatly,and the flow rate and rise and fall will be affected.Overhaul and re-commissioning,the production can be restarted only after the installation and commissioning of the equipment components meet the production design requirements.
Installation method of impeller cover of flotation machine.
  KYF type flotation machine impeller cover is a deep groove inflatable mechanical mixing type flotation machine,which uses U-shaped tank body and hollow shaft to inflate.What they have in common is the use of an original single-wall backward inclined blade inverted frustum-shaped impeller,a porous cylindrical gas diffuser,a small suspended stator and a central movable bubble plate and other structures.The machine has a simple structure and equipment Convenient,can reduce the short circuit of the slurry and avoid the sedimentation at the bottom of the tank,use bubbles effectively,save the air volume of the fan,low energy consumption,stable liquid level,high recovery rate,stop without the need for ore withdrawal,etc.The performance reaches and exceeds the advanced foreign OK the level of the flotation machine.
  The XCF type flotation machine impeller cover plate is a new,efficient,and has the ability to absorb slurry.The impeller cover plate of the inflatable mechanical mixing flotation machine handles the impact of the inflatable mechanical mixing flotation machine on the daily production of the concentrator.In other words,the working cost of a flotation machine is mainly composed of energy consumption,equipment depreciation,and consumption of wearing parts.The main vulnerable parts are the impeller and cover.At present,the flotation machines used in the beneficiation industry are A-type flotation machine,SF-type flotation machine,BF-type flotation machine and JJF-type flotation machine.The raw materials of the impeller and cover plate are mostly rubber,and the impeller and cover plate are worn out.The life span is generally 3-8 months,and the impeller and cover plate are one of the main consumables in the concentrator.
  Flotation machine equipment:
  The equipment is based on reinforced concrete.When the equipment is installed,the tanks are hoisted and placed in the reserved positions.Pay attention to the azimuth connection of the head tank,middle tank and tail tank,and do not deform the tank during the lifting process.,And then level,link banned.
  Commissioning of flotation machine:
  1.After the equipment of the flotation machine is completed,it shall be inspected and adjusted in strict accordance with the specifications with a level,steel wire,etc.,until the technical requirements meet the specified orientation.Taking the fixed scraper weir of the tail tank as a reference,the movable foam scraping weir of each tank in the front is increased by a certain height,generally 10-15mm,and then adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation.
  2.Adjust the connection method of the bearing seat,scraper and motor of the foam scraping tissue:the foam scraping edge of the scraper is 3-5mm from the foam scraping weir;the foam scraping plates should be perpendicular to each other,and each adjacent scraper forwards accordingly.The difference is 90/n degrees,and n is the number of tanks;the scraper rolls in the correct direction and works flexibly.The coupling of the scraper equipment and the link of the sprocket shall have safety protection.
  3.The liquid level control organization of our country's linear stroke electric actuator has a stroke of 0mm-100mm and a shaft thrust of 16KN.When the stroke scale indicates 0mm,the liquid level adjustment gate in the tailings tank should be in a low position;when the scale indicates 100mm,The regulating gate should be in a high position,the liquid level regulating board should work flexibly,and the gap between it and the fixed overflow weir should not be greater than 1mm.



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