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Is the safety of mine hydrocyclones guaranteed?

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  With the advancement of science and technology,the development of mine cyclones has become more and more perfect,and its applications and functions have become more and more extensive.Mine hydrocyclones can be used for mineral classification,desliming,concentration,tailings filling and dam construction.
  Mine classification equipment mainly includes spiral classifiers and hydrocyclones.Among them,hydrocyclones have a shorter history than spiral classifiers and have developed rapidly in recent years.In many large and medium-sized mines,hydrocyclones are often used instead to combine with mills.Cyclone is a device that uses gravity and great centrifugal force to achieve material classification.So what are the advantages of mine cyclones?Let's understand together with cyclone manufacturers:
  (1)The hydrocyclone has a simple structure,is easy to manufacture,and has no transmission parts.The hydrocyclone is composed of a cylindrical cylinder,a conical cylinder,a feed pipe,an overflow pipe,and a sand settling port.The structure is very simple,so it is very convenient to manufacture.The hydrocyclone itself has no transmission parts,and it relies on external transmission parts,such as pumps,to press the slurry into the cyclone at a certain pressure to achieve separation.
  (2)Small footprint,easy installation and low equipment cost.The single hydrocyclone is small in size,simple in structure,light in weight,and small in footprint.It can be erected and operated at a high place.It can be installed in a cyclone group by multiple cyclones,which is convenient and easy to install.In addition,due to the simple structure and easy installation of the hydrocyclone,the equipment cost is low.
  (3)Large processing capacity,especially for fine-grained materials(<0.1mm)with high classification efficiency.The traditional spiral classifier has a high classification efficiency for coarser particles,and usually forms a closed circuit with a stage of grinding,but for fine-grained materials,the efficiency of the spiral classifier is poor.Since the hydrocyclone uses centrifugal force many times greater than gravity to achieve separation,the classification efficiency of fine-grained materials is high,and the processing capacity is also large.
  1.Hierarchical sorting.The mine cyclone can be used for the first and second stages of closed-circuit grinding and grading,concentrate regrind and grading,desilting of raw ore before and after separation,damming and backfilling of tailings,etc.It has great advantages and is widely used in various mineral processing industries.application.When classifying,it is used in conjunction with grinding equipment for pre-classification or ball mill coarse and fine particle classification.
  2.Desliming.The hydrocyclone can remove mud and flotation reagents in various minerals,and can recover concentrates and remove coarse sand from non-metallic minerals.
  3.Concentration:The hydrocyclone can concentrate the slurry with too low concentration to meet its technological requirements.
  4.Desanding and impurity removal:In the process of beneficiation,certain magazines may exist in the minerals.In order to meet the design requirements,the magazines must be processed.At this time,the hydrocyclone can play a very good role.The nature of the ore is different,and the cyclone used is also different.
  5.Tailings filling and damming:The tailings damming materials have particle size requirements,and cyclones are used for classification to screen out particles that do not meet the particle size requirements.
Is the safety of mine hydrocyclones guaranteed?。
  When choosing a mine cyclone,we should choose according to our needs.The mine cyclone can combine multiple cyclones in series and parallel to better exert its functions.When the mine cyclone is used to sort tailings,the coarse-grained tailings can be used directly after the separation,and the fine-grained tailings can be separated continuously.Automatic classification can be realized during the movement,and the clarified water produced can be recycled,saving Water resources avoid sewage discharge and protect the environment.
  The hydrocyclone is composed of feeding pipe,overflow nozzle,cylinder,cone,and grit port.When working,the slurry enters the cyclone from the feeding pipe along the tangential direction of the cylinder under the action of external pressure.And was forced to make a rotary motion.The coarse particles in the slurry are subjected to large centrifugal force,initially moving toward the inner wall of the cyclone,with a large gyration radius,moving on the outer layer of the slurry,and spiraling toward the grit under the action of its own gravity,while the fine particles in the slurry The particles move in the inner layer of the slurry due to the small centrifugal force.When the slurry moves to the cone part,due to the continuous decrease of the cross-sectional area of​​the downward flow of the slurry,the inner layer containing a large amount of fine-grained slurry is forced to change the flow direction and move upward,and finally discharge from the overflow pipe to become an overflow.The outer coarse-grained grade is discharged from the grit port as an underflow.
  From its working principle,it can be seen that the advantages of hydrocyclones are:simple structure,easy manufacture,no transmission parts,easy installation,small equipment investment,and high efficiency for fine-grained classification.
  The adjustment of the hydrocyclone can be adjusted by the size of the slurry pressure,and can also be adjusted by changing the diameter of the discharge port,the concentration of the slurry,the angle of the cone,the size of the feed pipe and the overflow pipe,and the material particle size composition.operating.
  The hydraulic overflow is not only used in the classification operation known in the grinding cycle,but also can be used for desliming,dewatering,and removing flotation chemicals.In addition,it can also be used for resuspension beneficiation,and its separation particle size can reach about 0.1mm.
  Hydrocyclone fine particle classification equipment equipment.It has high-efficiency features such as small footprint,large processing capacity,and fine grading granularity.The structure of the cyclone is simple,the upper end is cylindrical,and the lower part is a conical container.Its feeding methods include involute feeding,vertical feeding and tangential feeding.The pulp is fed into the cyclone along the feeding direction at a speed(usually 5-12 m/s)to obtain a rotating motion and obtain a greater centrifugal force.Under the action of the centrifugal force,the coarser particles are thrown towards the wall.It moves downward in a spiral track and is discharged from the grit nozzle to become a coarse-grained product;the finer particles and most of the water are discharged from the overflow pipe in an inner spiral track.
  Hydrocyclones are widely used in:
  ①Desliming,concentration and classification of fine-grained materials before sorting;
  ②Used as a classification equipment in the grinding system;
  ③Coal mine centrifugal heavy medium sorting equipment.Fine sand recycling and other fields.
  Judgment standard and debugging method whether the cyclone is working normally:
  ⑴When the overflow concentration is too small and the overflow fineness is fine,reduce the pressure or adjust the material concentration.Or replace the small sand spout to achieve.
  ⑵Large overflow concentration and coarse fineness.At this time,the pressure can be increased and the concentration of the ore can be adjusted,and the large sand nozzle can be replaced to meet the requirements.Need a variety of adjustment methods to achieve the desired effect
  2.The grit is discharged in an umbrella shape.The judgement basis is that the angle of grit is between 10°-20°and the concentration is about 75%.It is a good working condition.If the angle of grit spreading is too large,there are three reasons:
  ⑴The grit nozzle is too large and the concentration of grit is too low.At this time,it can be adjusted by replacing the small sand spout.
  ⑵If the feed pressure is too small,the feed pressure of the pump should be adjusted to meet the technological conditions.
  ⑶The amount of ore feed is too small and the concentration of ore feed is too low.At this time,the amount of ore and the number of cyclones can be adjusted.In short,the size of the sedimentation concentration directly affects the efficiency of the mill,affects the size of the ore discharge of the mill,and has an impact on the entire process.
  Judgment of pressure on mine:
  ⑴The theoretical pressure adjustment range of a cyclone group is 0.06-0.10Mpa.If the pressure is too high,it will cause relatively large wear to the cyclone.
  ⑵The theoretical pressure adjustment range of the two-stage cyclone group is 0.08-0.16Mpa.If the pressure is too low,the concentration of sedimentation will be reduced,and the overflow concentration will become coarse,which will affect the process.
  In short,in the pressure adjustment,it is necessary to ensure that the pressure of the first-stage cyclone group cannot be high,and the pressure of the second-stage cyclone group cannot be low.



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