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Preparation work before cyclone compounding

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  Friends who know cyclones know that cyclones are a kind of separation equipment that is often used in life.Many people just know the operation method of the cyclone and what it is used for,but the specific working principle may not be well understood.Today,the cyclone manufacturer will introduce to you what needs to be prepared before the cyclone compounding.
  1.Before the cyclone is compounded,we must first polish the cyclone equipment waiting to be compounded to remove some sand,gravel,dust and other impurities on the surface of the equipment.
  2.Before performing the compound operation of the cyclone,you need to prepare the tools to be prepared,such as the clamps and iron frames that need to be used,or as mentioned above,ensure that the cyclone equipment is flat before starting the operation.The desired effect can be achieved.
  3.When choosing the adhesive for cyclone equipment,you can choose to use resin composite glue.This kind of glue is currently used more and it has a higher degree of adhesion and environmental protection.It is more suitable for use as a cyclone adhesive.
Preparation work before cyclone compounding,
  Using this design and technology,under the same working conditions,one large-diameter cyclone can be used instead of multiple small-diameter cyclones,which can save costs.According to different working conditions,the feeding method of the cyclone can be divided into involute linear feeding,spiral feeding,and tangential feeding.Among them,the spiral feeding method is used the most,because under the same conditions,this method has the characteristics of strong processing capacity and low pressure.
  Due to wear and tear,the cost of repairing the pump will be much higher than that of the cyclone.When the material is fed,flocculation and under-cover phenomena will occur due to the increase in volume,which will have a bad influence on the classification efficiency of the cyclone,and will increase the energy loss of the material.In order to avoid these disadvantages The influence of thick-walled overflow pipe can be used.
  The inlet of the cyclone requires a certain pressure.The measures of placing the pump as close as possible to the cyclone are to minimize the static pressure and friction loss head of the pump,which can save power.The cyclone is at design time.Different radial cone ratios and pyramid ratios are used,which can maximize the tangential velocity of the cyclone,reduce energy loss,and achieve the best classification results.
  According to different working conditions and requirements for working results,the length of the cylindrical body of the cyclone can be adjusted at will,so as to ensure that the cyclone reaches the best working condition.When pumping to a cyclone or a group of cyclones,the size and model of the pump must be carefully designed to meet the requirements of the operation.And also have to design the pumping pipe diameter and pipeline length.
  In order to improve the classification accuracy of the cyclone,the following method can be used:a rectangular tapered feed tube is used to gradually increase the flow speed of the slurry,so that the flocculation state gradually becomes a laminar flow state.The wear damage of the pump is roughly proportional to the cube of the speed.Therefore,the design of the cyclone should be as close to the pump as possible.The reason for this is to reduce the pump speed and the maintenance of the pump as much as possible.Quantity.
  Because the medium of the cyclone is divided into coarse particles and fine particles,there is a certain difference in particle size between them,and the centrifugal sedimentation of the cyclone will achieve the purpose of separation and classification.In the process of using the cyclone,we must follow certain usage specifications.Before the cyclone equipment is compounded,we must be prepared not to delay the later compounding work.



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