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Product Name: Vibrating screen mesh

Material: PU/polyurethane/rubber

type:modular/tensioned/high frequency etc.

Popular Dimension: Can be customized.

Customization: Available

Standard service life: 6~12 months

Delivery: 15-45 days depending on the quantity


WhatsApp/WeChat: 86-15621266667

Our processing part, a fully automatic processing center with precise processing, ensures that the processing of molds, skeletons, etc. and accessories is accurate.
Polyurethane screen has low density (1.32kg/m³) and lighter weight than metal screen, which can reduce the unit consumption of production, so it can meet the requirements of large-scale development of screen machines.
According to the survey, 45 tons of steel can be saved for every ton of polyurethane rubber screen used. Save more than 40,000 yuan in maintenance costs.

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