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Urethane modular panels,Urethane screen panels,Clean deck rubber modular panels

Product Name: Vibrating screen mesh

Material: PU/polyurethane/rubber

type:modular/tensioned/high frequency etc.

Popular Dimension: Can be customized.

Customization: Available

Standard service life: 6~12 months

Delivery: 15-45 days depending on the quantity


WhatsApp/WeChat: 86-15621266667

Polyurethane dehydration sieve plate is our professional product. It uses polymer hydrolysis-resistant materials. The commonly used hole type is narrow and fine hole shape, and the conical hole design scheme is conducive to the passage of materials, and the material also has excellent corrosion resistance, oil resistance and weather resistance. .
Our products have good resilience, permanent compression and no deformation, mild tear resistance, easy installation, wide application range and long service life.

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