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coal vibrating screen,dewatering sand mesh,polyurethane sieve plate,ore vibrating screen

Product Name: Vibrating screen mesh

Material: PU/polyurethane/rubber

type:modular/tensioned/high frequency etc.

Popular Dimension: Can be customized.

Customization: Available

Standard service life: 6~12 months

Delivery: 15-45 days depending on the quantity


WhatsApp/WeChat: 86-15621266667

In 2023, the factory will be expanded, constantly seeking to increase the number of production machinery, and try our best to meet the needs of customers. Not only that, whether our vibrating screens are made of polyurethane or rubber, we have a lot of abrasive tools, which will greatly improve To reduce the cost of customers, if you want to import sieve plate screen from China, you can trust us and achieve a win-win situation, we will give you an answer with the product.
Our sieves will be used in dehydration, desanding, stones, mines, etc. Our sieves have tapered holes, no hole blocking, high corrosion resistance and tear resistance.

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