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Why does the polyurethane screen deform?

The deformation of the polyurethane screen occurs during cutting and is the result of the delicate bending deformation of the complex polyurethane screen on the sheared product. Therefore, the easier the material is to produce plastic bending and small rebound, the greater the remaining deformation and distortion will be. How to deal with the deformation problem of polyurethane mesh? When the width of the shear zone is narrower than the thickness of the material, since no bending occurs, the part that prevents deformation becomes smaller, thereby making the deformation larger.

Although the polyurethane screen is bent in the direction of the shear line, it is also bent in the width direction that the screen plate is reduced to form a cantilever beam. Because it is different from the shear line, it seems to be due to the indentation of the upper front edge, which produces the elongated deformation direction shear line. Because this continuous accumulation increases the bending deformation in the width direction, this leads to the complexity of the deformation combination. Deformation.
Although the shearing and cutting mechanism of polyurethane screens and sieves does not change much due to the influence of the shear angle, the material in contact with the inclined blade will deform, but care should be taken. If the cutting material is fixed on the lower edge of the cutting edge, the slit of the slit will be deformed. A comprehensive effect path is constructed on the data function, which can adapt to various grid surfaces. In practical work, all maintenance should be taken into consideration. The cost of selecting raw materials.

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Most of the load-bearing materials on this kind of mesh are consolidated and consolidated on the mesh, and the mesh size is uniform. It shows the implementation of various raw materials. The adaptability of the network structure to the self-learning principle of long and long functions is a reference to the habituation of ore and coal mine particle selection. Enhancing the company’s capabilities in applications also requires the appropriate welding, packaging, bending and other techniques to be continued along the entire edge.

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