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Factors affecting the price of polyurethane screen

When customers purchase polyurethane screens, they not only pay attention to the quality of the screens, but also pay more attention to the price of the screens, because the current screen market is a mixed bag of good and bad, making it difficult for screening customers to choose. In addition, even if Products of the same specifications and models have different prices in different regions. Many people sometimes have questions about the price of the screen. So what factors will affect its price?

Factors affecting the price of polyurethane screen-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

Currently, there are many materials for screens on the market, and different materials have different prices. Then the thickness of the screen will also affect its price. The greater the weight, the more expensive it will be. Don’t think that the greater the thickness, the more durable it will be. The screen material is good, and the installation and usage specifications will have a long life. Simply It only requires thickness. Although the thickness is very strong, it is also difficult to accept in terms of price. The size, model, and size of the screen mesh are different, and the corresponding prices are also different.
In addition, the price of polyurethane screens is also related to market supply and demand, the manufacturer’s equipment and technical level, the impact of international crude oil prices of raw materials, logistics factors, etc. Another influencing factor is the scale of the screen manufacturer. The manufacturer has a large scale, standardized production process, and the corresponding production technology level is relatively good. For example, the product production process uses computer temperature adjustment and the pouring is successful in one go. However, some manufacturers have simple equipment. , the pouring process must not be standardized, so the price of the products produced must be low.

The price of polyurethane screens is not determined unilaterally, but is a combination of market, manufacturer and other market choices. Therefore, screening manufacturers are required to choose qualified and large-scale screen manufacturers, and do comparison shopping. Choose according to screening conditions.

Factors affecting the price of polyurethane screen-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

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