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How to choose polyurethane screen products?

Depending on the purpose of the screen, determine whether the screen is used for classification or dewatering. The screening materials used for wet screening and dry screening are different. Polyether polyurethane screens should be used for water screening to prevent shortening of screen life due to hydrolysis. Polyester polyurethane screens are used for dry screening and large material screening, which have good wear resistance and impact resistance, and can effectively extend the service life of the screens.

How to choose polyurethane screen products?-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

For large-aperture screens, it is recommended to use bolt-type fixed structures. Since the material processed by the large-hole screen is large, it has a great impact on the screen surface, and the fixed form of the screen with other structural forms is easy to loosen. When the filter becomes loose, it will knock together with the support beam, resulting in a shortened filter life.

Proper use ensures maximum performance and service life of polyurethane screens. However, in the process of using polyurethane wire mesh, this point is easily overlooked by many users. The tensioned filter screen is easily loosened by large pieces of material during use, and the tensioning bolts need to be tightened regularly. If it takes a long time, the tightening bolts will become loose and not tightened, resulting in knocking between the filter and the support rod, which will affect the service life of the filter. At the same time, the feed port is also designed. It is recommended that the feeding method should not be perpendicular to the screen surface, the feeding direction should be at an oblique angle to the flow direction, and the feeding height should not exceed 400mm to avoid excessive impact and damage to the screen surface.

When there is no problem with the polyurethane wire mesh processing technology, only by correctly selecting and rationally using polyurethane wire mesh can the service life of polyurethane wire mesh be maximized and truly reduce the user’s usage and maintenance costs.