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Why do polyurethane screen plates have curved cracks?

Regarding this issue, it can be said that only if you can screen the polyurethane sieve plate according to the manufacturer’s guidance equipment, then there will be no cracks during use. So why are there curved cracks in the polyurethane sieve plate? What constitutes its cracking?

Why do polyurethane screen plates have curved cracks?-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

The dimensions of the polyurethane screen plate are too long, making it difficult to tighten the screws. When choosing a mesh, you should choose a scale. The curved edge shape and the dimensions of the polyurethane screen plates do not match the tensioning plates; the tensioning arrangement is questionable. The tensioning plate does not match the screen machine, and the tensioning plate is worn thin or deformed.
The forming of the sieve plate is affected by many factors. The first thing to pay attention to is the influence of the properties of the material on the selection of the sieve plate. When forming the sieve plate, the size of the sieve holes must be determined. According to the particle size of the sieve material The size and the nature of the sieve material are used to set a reasonable sieve hole. Secondly, the factors that affect the sieve plate forming are the adjustment methods of the sieve plate grinding tools. The guide bending mold is completely determined by the guide device to determine the relative position of the upper and lower molds. If there is no The guide device is generally at a relative position on the press to adjust the length of the press connecting rod.

Why do polyurethane screen plates have curved cracks?-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

When forming the sieve plate, it is easy to cause the sieve plate to be blocked, so when processing, pay attention to the direction of the aperture, so that the small holes should face up and the large holes should face down. If clogging occurs, the process generally needs to be rectified and a grinding elevator is added to allow finer-grained materials to be directly fed into the grinding mill.

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