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Why does the “Polyurethane Screen Plate” break too quickly?

The polyurethane screen plate is not well protected after long-term use, has many problems, and is damaged too quickly, which is one of its shortcomings. It is necessary to consider whether this phenomenon is due to quality problems or other reasons. Let’s analyze it:


1. Insufficient tension of the polyurethane screen causes the polyurethane screen to vibrate. Usually the polyurethane screen is broken or damaged along the edge or bead edge. Check the tension of the polyurethane screen frequently to ensure that the polyurethane screen is firmly connected.

2. Material supply issues. The vibrating screen is constantly loading materials. If too much material is loaded at one time, it will interfere with the normal movement of the materials on the screen surface, causing fatigue and loosening of the polyurethane screen plate, which is serious. will decrease. Material processing capabilities.
3. If a large amount of material is used at one time, the motor load will increase sharply during unbalanced operation. Not only the polyurethane screen is fragile, but the vibration motor is also fragile, so materials are needed. Be even when adding ingredients.

Why does the “Polyurethane Screen Plate” break too quickly?-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

4. For feeding methods with strong impact, a buffer hopper needs to be added to the polyurethane screen of the vibrating screen. When the polyurethane screen directly impacts, the excitation force generated by the vibration source is consumed. It can damage polyurethane screens and screens. Net fatigue.
The quality of the polyurethane screen plate is an important factor that accelerates the damage of the polyurethane screen plate. If the polyurethane screen material does not meet the screening requirements of the material, the polyurethane screen will soon be damaged.

Use polyurethane screen plates to ensure beautiful appearance, smooth screen mesh, simple color polyurethane screen plates, and whether there are debris, burrs, lack of materials, mixed materials, loose joints, etc. on the screen surface. Good appearance and high product quality are the prerequisites for ensuring its service life.