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As a user, what should you pay attention to when purchasing polyurethane screens and screen plates?

As users, in addition to quality assurance, price is also one of the factors we consider. However, with different brands on the market, even the same specifications have different prices in different regions. In addition to shoddy low-cost workshops, the following factors are also involved:

(1) The thicker the polyurethane screen plate, the higher the price. Therefore, when choosing, you should choose the appropriate thickness according to your own use needs. Don’t just ask for thickness, the thickness is very hard, but the price is also difficult to accept.

(2) The specifications, models, and sizes of customized polyurethane screens are different, and the corresponding prices are also different.

(3) The relationship between supply and demand is closely related to the market price of the product, and polyurethane screens are no exception.

(4) The price of polyurethane screens is also determined by the production equipment and technical level of each manufacturer. The better the equipment, the better the technology, and the longer the screen lasts, the less chance there is for error.

(5) The longer a company has been established and the more manufacturer qualifications it has obtained, the more advantages it will have in terms of production efficiency, market competitiveness and technical level. Therefore, the price of polyurethane screens is higher than other small places.

(6) Supply and demand: Supply exceeds demand and prices rise. If supply exceeds demand, prices will fall.

(7) Raw materials, water, electricity, transportation costs, etc. The cost of water, electricity, gas, etc. consumed in the manufacturing and transportation of screens and screen plates also affects the price.

As a user, what should you pay attention to when purchasing polyurethane screens and screen plates?-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

The price of “polyurethane screen mesh and screen plate” is not determined unilaterally, but is evaluated by the market and manufacturers. Therefore, all buyers need to open their eyes, look at some merchants, compare the quality and price of their products, and make a clear purchase based on their actual needs.