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What does the world’s most advanced vibrating screen modular screen plate look like?

The modular screen system is the culmination of our 50 years of experience and product development and enables higher throughput with minimal failure rates.

Made with lightweight rubber or polyurethane modules, simple snap-on connections and attention to recyclability. To improve screening performance, high open porosity is a key design consideration in product development.

What does the world’s most advanced vibrating screen modular screen plate look like?-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

The application of special materials, combined with modern and efficient manufacturing technology, can create unexpected solutions for you. Prevent clogging and material sticking, improve screening efficiency, reduce circulation, extend service life and reduce production costs.

High-precision screen deck systems promise precise screening without interrupting production.

-Super elastic membrane material and molded mesh prevent clogging and adhesion.

-Always keep the screen surface clean, even when screening materials with high moisture content.

-Injection rubber manufacturing technology ensures consistent material performance across the entire screen surface.

-High screening accuracy, ideal for screening fine materials.

High dewatering screen systems promise precise screening and efficient dewatering.

-Injection molded polyurethane module and high-precision aperture

-Rugged construction to handle application of material layer thickness.

– Precise screening – no cracking = no leakage of minerals.

-Maximize effective open area


Long life due to high wear resistance
Maintain accurate dimensions over time
Quick and easy installation and removal reduces downtime
Reduced pinning and blinding self-release holes
Wide range of pore sizes suitable for most applications
Various panel sizes to fit any frame or shaker