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UGOL ROSSII & MINING polyurethane sieve mesh,polyurethane screening panel,polyurethane screening mesh

Dezhou Chaishang Shangmao Co., Ltd.
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Material: PU (polyurethane)/rubber
Hardness: 90~(PU)/40-65(rubber) Shore A
Size: can be customized
Customization: Available
Standard service life: 6~12 months
Delivery: 15-45 days depending on quantity

UGOL ROSSII & MINING polyurethane sieve mesh,polyurethane screening panel,polyurethane screening mesh-CHAISHANG | Polyurethane Screen,Rubber Screen PanelsHigh frequency screen mesh,Belt Cleaner,Flotation Cell

Dezhou Chaishang Shangmao Co, Ltd. Provided to the two major domestic and international markets: high opening ratio, high rebound all-polyurethane fine screens for mining vibrating screens, continuous screen seams, relaxation screens, tension screens, and skeleton screen plates; flotation The polyurethane stator, rotor and guard plate supporting the equipment; the cleaner, classification cyclone and other domestic and foreign mining equipment accessories supporting the conveyor. The products have formed a complete supporting pattern with many domestic and foreign companies, all technical indicators are at the leading international level.

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