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flotation device,rubber impeller and stator,flotation machine parts impeller

Product Name:Flotation Rotor&Stator

Flotation Rotor&Stator

Material: (PU)polyurethane/rubber

Popular Dimension: Can be customized.

Customization: Available

Standard service life: 6~12 months

Delivery: 15-45 days depending on the quantity


WhatsApp/WeChat: 86-15621266667

The function of the rotor stator of the flotation machine is to move the pulp to the center of the cover. The process is that the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller will throw the concentrated pulp out. At the same time, a negative pressure is formed between the impeller and the cover, and the middle The air intake pipe works to automatically suck in the outside air.

Chai Shang is a professional manufacturer of flotation machine rotor and stator.

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